Improvement Workbook and Templates

About the Improvement Workbook

The Improvement Workbook is a powerful tool for process improvement.  Its design was greatly influenced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “Model for Improvement” as developed in the text “The Improvement Guide” by Lloyd Provost, et al.  This workbook also includes elements of Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Comprehensive Unit Based Safety Program (CUSP) from Johns Hopkins Center for Innovation in Quality Hospital Care.

Purpose of the Improvement Workbook

The Improvement Workbook is intended to be used by cross functional teams working on a hospital improvement project or a unit/department implementing evidence based practices.  Individuals may find the tools useful for learning about health care quality improvement.

Some sections of the workbook also address methods of systematic improvement for an organization, as well as best practices to establish a culture of improvement in a hospital.

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